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E Chic Bags

Behind E Chic

Nothing motivates me more than thinking about my first bag by cutting up a denim skirt and some scrap fabric laying around the house- my parents weren’t crafty, but I was an only child and utilized absolutely anything to occupy myself. I loved being outside in the mud and climbing trees wearing a fancy dress just as much as I enjoyed watching movies, reading, and building Legos. I was in middle school when I graduated from the glue to sewing, and with a machine.

As an adult I’m motivated by: fitness, fashion, yoga, butterflies, and my family. I am a Pisces, with no regrets only more mistakes to learn from.

I went to a small art school for fashion design. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I went to college for sports, but wouldn’t change anything for the world. I studied under designers that traveled from NYC once a week to teach me and my peers true draping skills, pattern making, and so many other tricks of the industry. I opted to take college design classes as part of my electives. I was offered to be a first year graduate of their fashion design program. I took away more than I ever imagined and continue to grow through my passion with every passing collection.

Creating one of a kind Handbags and Hair Accessories is my drive. I design each piece with love and functionality. The handbag designs I create have plenty of pockets, secure closures, handles that don’t fall down, and linings that will make you smile. Every hair piece is unique and will fit the contours of your head for a subtle burst of life. Then I sew or glue it with the ut-most care, photograph it, wrap it, and ship it to your home to be loved.

I believe that E Chic fashion accessories are unique designs that any social butterfly would be proud to take off with.

To Create, is to Love.